July 5th, 2010


Moar coffeeeeeeee

So I've been asleep, mainly. I spent most of my time in Seattle on the same schedule as everyone else, more or less: awake during the day, asleep at night--you know, like most people on the planet. I wanted to go back to my eccentric cycle but sleeping normally threw my body way off I guess because I've not been able to stay awake for more than five or six hours at a time from the time I returned until Saturday, and Saturday I was just like whoa I'm awake but tonight/today I am more or less cognizant of my surroundings. I've been up since 4pm yesterday and I don't know how much longer I will stay awake but it's been nice not to nod off every time I look at one spot for too long. I'd like to go get some Philz coffee but it is more likely that I will just go make myself a little french press pot full. In fact..

It's now brewing. In seven minutes I pour. I like the coffee that this thing makes but I must confess I still really miss my Java Wand. Maybe I'll save up for another. Something about letting the grounds sit in your coffee the whole time you are drinking from the cup adds an extra oomph to the experience--probably because it continues to brew, so the more slowly you drink, the stronger your remaining coffee becomes. The french press is good but once you pour that's it. I've started letting it sit longer and longer before pouring but it just isn't the same.
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I don't know how all y'all can get hundreds of pics up within 15 minutes of returning home. I have to tweak each and every one by hand and even though I've made a couple of presets to help with my weakness for underexposed pics they still only get me started cause each frame is just a little different from all the others.

So I took about 300 digital frames in Seattle, give or take a dozen. Here are eighteen of them. I expect to be able to extract ten, maybe twenty more. Can I just say I am really glad I don't have to buy film anymore? If I did, I probably wouldn't bracket my shots, though, or take 15 of one thing moving one inch to the right for each one to see which looks best enbiggened.

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