August 3rd, 2010


holy obtusity batman!

I don't generally do LJ wank (there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of DW wank), but if you have an hour to spend reading the 1200+ comments, ya gotta get a gander at the trainwreck taking place over at ontd_p in LJ land.

Since finding the caffeinated coffee has put me back on my 24-hour-waking-time schedule and I am near the end of my 'day' I'm going to have to go to bed, get up and have a cup of coffee before I say anything more than this:

When progressives use 'PC Police' as a term for silencing those they claim to support, you know that something has gone very, very wrong.

I'll be back at dawn, PDT.

Wait. First, if you have any reading comprehension neurons still firing, "The Privilege of Politeness" at The Angry Black Woman is a good theoretical beginning for critiquing the whole situation.

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