December 5th, 2010


Sunday in the cities

Have you got a knife.
Why yes yes I do.

When a stranger asks to use your knife do you let him? He wanted to cut two new holes in his belt the better to hold his pants up with. He was doing ok but at one point slipped and cut his finger and I did not equip myself with bandaids for the ride so I could not help hime with that but at least his pants stayed up.

He handed me back my knife and I apologized for not having anything to help his finger stop bleeding. It wasn't bad, but it was definitely red, like blood is.

Then we all got on the bus and I got off at Gilman Street to walk down to the SPD warehouse and the first hurdle was introducing myself to the right party so that I would then be led to the Person in Charge of Poets not that we were all poets but I like the idea that someone might be in charge of us even though such a thing would never go over.

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