May 5th, 2011


I did not really have anything to report

I have become diurnal this week. Not at all on purpose and in fact I get annoyed when a mere 14 hours have gone by since I awoke and I am too tired to do anything but stare into space and slowly lose consciousness to wake up in some of the strangest places including on the toilet more than once.

I don't exactly have narcolepsy but sometimes my body pretends that it does. The last time I woke up on the toilet I had been there, asleep, for four hours. I did not recall getting up out of my desk/sleeping chair and going into the bathroom at all and I certainly did not remember closing my eyes thinking "this will only be a second" which is how I usually fall asleep in places where I was not planning on sleeping.

Last night I slept eleven hours. That should have been enough to get me a good ways into the wee hours this morning but I do not think I will make it. Maybe if I went into the kitchen and did jumping jacks I would stay awake a little longer but that seems like a rude thing to do to the downstairs neighbors although they rarely seem to be home. I never hear them. I don't think they actually live there: perhaps it is just a big expensive post office box without a "box" in the address.

I am kind of a dork. I wrote to Rae Armantrout to thank her for telling Lyn that she liked my book. I could not think of what else to say but I wanted to acknowledge her attention in some way so I told her I was making poetry videos and she was invited to look. This means I need to get working on the second one. I have ideas but for some reason it is taking longer to pull the images together. I have more than I need already on my hard drive. I don't really think I have anything I must shoot first although I might want to go make some field recordings with my little stereo condenser mic. I can record stuff to my iPod with it. It is all sorts of geeky cool. I bought it years ago when I was pretending I could support myself.

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