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a sober accounting (i have been trying to make this an over-caffeinated accounting but no amount of caffeine seems capable of waking me up today so i gave myself my shot a day early so that perhaps i will be able to wake up tomorrow):

in the next 20 hours i must

1. decide how to respond to their proposed paper topics, i.e., go through them and write comments or go through them and pull out a few to talk about tomorrow. the former seems more fair but the latter would allow them to profit from each other's ideas. alternatively i could put them in groups tomorrow to discuss their topics which would give all of them a chance to get feedback but none of it would be from the seat of authority. and we already have something going for tomorrow which i think will take up the whole time.

2. read that one student's paper that i promised i would add my comments to in addition to those of my TA, who originally graded it.

3. reskim the reading so as to be able to remember things during class discussion.

it's possible i could do these things in the morning before class. i am not sure i could get to all of it though. perhaps i should do one of them today.

but i don't want to. i want to rip mp3s and burn cds. (note i did not say i want to download mp3s and burn cds.)

in the next 36-48 hours i should

1. catch up on the online discussion board so i know what they are saying to each other

2. write the assignment for their group presentations

3. decide how to address their concerns about writing itself. find texts, perhaps? must remember that i don't have to make all this up off the top of my head.

these things can wait till after class tomorrow.

i wonder how early i can convince myself to get out of bed tomorrow..?

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