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daily report

ok i don't make daily reports so the subject should be something like "once in while report" but my whole motive for doing livejournal at all was to force myself to write every day even when i had nothing artistic or compelling to say.

so today went fine.

really it did. i got up early and prepared for class and did all the things i needed to do in the time allotted and class went well and i got a bunch of stuff done afterwards and i have some ideas for friday and i think now that the semester is 2/3 over i am getting the hang of teaching. i guess one has to learn sometime. better late than never and all that.

i spent yesterday being really tired. maybe i mentioned this. today i am no longer so tired. although i am thinking of going to bed here and it is not yet 9:30 so i guess i should have said that today i wasn't particularly tired but now i am but since i am old i am allowed to get tired this early. besides. i got up before 7 this morning.

and i was at school from 9am till 6pm and working almost the whole time. i felt like a regular joe.

the consequence will probably be that i don't feel like doing anything at all tomorrow but naturally there is a meeting at school that i really want to go to and naturally it is on a day i wouldn't normally go in. but if i do go in i will work once i am there which is a good thing i guess but will make me pine for a moment off. but by the end of the day when i am pining i will be able to say to myself i only have to make it till noon on friday and then the weekend starts and this weekend i can actually take two days if i want because my prospectus is finished and i deserve a break.

i wonder if i should see some movies or spend two days extracting mp3s from all my cds. or maybe i should do both. i wonder if the original willard is on dvd.

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