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fortunately this sinking feeling will probably disappear after a good night's sleep. given that nighttime is when i feel the worst it is no wonder that i spend a great deal of my time sleeping. which is more seductive: to fall into the arms of melancholy or to fall into bed. well they both have their advantages.

meeting today on ethics and violence and possible critical responses to the war and not only the war we seem to be almost done with but the war we seem to think we will continue in other venues. i can't get over the juxtaposing of news that upwards of 10,000 iraqis may have been killed so far and that bush is elated.

i doubt he is elated because of the thousands killed but it is incomprehensible to me how anyone could be elated in the face of those thousands. it's not a fucking football game we've won. we've "won" by killing a hell of a lot of people. let me just say that a rational figuring of how many lives we may have saved by killing these thousands only points up the inadequacy of rationality in finding ways to avoid violence altogether.

in the early 20th century here in california and much of the west a campaign was mounted to kill as many predators--wolves and cougars especially--as possible. the government set bounties. the rationale was a moral one: these animals killed wantonly and without remorse.

i'm not kidding.

in our zeal to correct this moral oversight on the part of nature we took it upon ourselves to kill wantonly and without remorse thousands and thousands of animals. the irony was lost on everyone.

anyway it was mentioned that we all write a short piece on our thinking about the administration's foreign policy and this is all i can think of at the moment. i'm tired and sad so later for the eloquent polemics.

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