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spitting it out

hold on for a minute while i talk about talking.

the meeting today was about how we all are liberal democrats.

well. it wasn't really about that but liberal democracy was mentioned as the lost ideal and i thought what about us an-archists and what about not insisting on property or the individual while insisting on a certain freedom to think and say anything. while insisting precisely on saying and thinking all kinds of things but not on being any particular thing or not devouring everything around in the service of being a particular thing.

there are things that need to be said.

i am as always afraid to say them but not because i give a damn what anyone else might think. no it is far more personal than that. see i might die if i say it wrong. or if i say it incompletely. or if i say it incompetently. or if i say it in a way that is less than unassailable which is a problem as one of the things i would say is that all positions are assailable.

i should shut up and just start saying it.

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