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it is not yet 8:30 and i am thinking of going to bed.

today the laundry-doing plans were ruined by an attack of ennui. i did take my 5-mile walk but other than that i have been watching tv or sorting mail or playing solitaire.

i did go to the ikea website to think about bookshelves and found that they do deliver but they don't really offer online shopping. you can fill out a form and wait for them to call you or you can just call them yourself. either way you end up on the phone and we all know how i feel about that.

i could see if housemate c would mind if i took her car to the ikea in emeryville but the shelves i want are bigger than her backseat so i would have to tie them to the roof and hope they didn't go flying off and into the bay on the way back over. one alternative would be to get two smaller units and bolt them together but i don't know quite how to do that in an aesthetically pleasing way.

not that our decor is that classy but still there's a limit.

it is almost 9 now. i think i can brush my teeth and think about sleeping while still feeling respectably middle-aged and not just plain old.

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