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upon getting up this morning i realized right away that i couldn't take today off like i was thinking i could last night. not that i have that much to do: i need to comment on about five students' annotated bibliographies and topic proposals. that won't take long but first i have to get myself to actually start. that is the hard part.

but this means i can't both do laundry and go for a walk but that is ok because i received two new tshirts in the mail today. one more day of unfavorite socks and then will do laundry tomorrow after school.

ha. i think now i will do laundry tomorrow after school. we'll see how that turns out. really i want to get my hair cut but the sock situation is more crucial than the hair situation at this point. i haven't yet started having those dreams where my hair is shoulder-length and i am afraid i look like a girl again even with a full beard.

oh and i have to scoop the cat boxes. joy.

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