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i keep trying to take a minivacation which i guess i deserve in a way as i have been working hard for the last month but on the other hand i feel like i have read and studied and read and studied but hardly made a dent in the pile of books i must know by december. and then there is the puritan work ethicist within telling me that a vacation every four weeks is really unmerited no matter how hard you have been working.

last night i got all excited because i have decided to upgrade my cpu and get dsl all at the same time so i spent a few hours online doing research into mac acceleration and when it came time to go to bed i couldn't sleep just like it was christmas eve or something. so i turned off my alarm and declared today a day off and climbed back down here and restarted my computer and got back online to do more research.

so i didn't really do any work today. i was going to get up early and study german and then go for my drive and then go for my hike and then sit in the forest reading for a couple of hours but instead i got up got my coffee and hit the road. i did try to read after walking down and then back up a hill but the gas pedal kept calling me saying drive drive you want to drive! so i drove.

tomorrow the router/hub through which c and i will share the dsl line will arrive via airborne express and the day after that my g3 upgrade and 256MB of ram should arrive and i don't see how i am going to be able to convince myself to study with all that waiting technology in the house. in the course of my research i found out that my mac which i paid over a thousand dollars for some years ago is now worth about 25 bucks and so suddenly i am no longer that nervous about messing with its insides and am looking forward to this upcoming geek weekend with great anticipation yet there my books sit in their silent reproaches.

maybe i should go get myself a bottle of ginger ale. whether or not i deserve the time off i certainly deserve a bottle of ginger ale.

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