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i have just about 46 hours in which to do whatever i want without feeling guilty. because of my slackerly attitude on wednesday night and yesterday i have told myself i have to do work on sunday.

not to get too worked up over my self-severity: working on sunday will probably consist of reading Blood Meridian. maybe also i will finish that politicalish rant i posted a few days ago. in any case it isn't as though i have to write a paper before monday. in fact the only thing i really have to do before monday is figure out just what i want my students to get from Stein's "The Gradual Making of the Making of Americans" which i have already reread twice so i can do what i need to do monday morning before class.

this leaves only me and my superego to battle it out.

activities that would be fun and make me feel good about myself:

installing Deck and writing songs

getting back to learning Dreamweaver and Fireworks

getting back to learning about OS X and what Unix things i need to know

writing more of Rock Keeps Paper from Drifting Off as it was somewhat disheartening to realize i could read a year and a half's worth of work in twenty minutes.

unpacking and setting up the printer that came with my laptop and which is still sitting in its box behind me six weeks later. two reasons for this: (1) box is oriented vertically and has become a table for books and papers that won't fit on my desk. (2) i do all my printing on the laser printer at school now that i can take my laptop to it.

activities that would make me feel particularly slothful:

playing endless rounds of solitaire

playing endless rounds of minesweeper

playing endless rounds of snood

watching tv before 5pm. what is it about afternoon tv that makes you hate yourself for watching it?

fretting about taking out the garbage but not actually taking it out until sunday night

obsessively checking email

perhaps i should start by taking out the garbage.

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