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things i've almost written about

we had to drink koolaid at vacation bible school. it wasn't as cultish as it sounds or maybe it was.

it has been raining here and no one can figure out how to act because it is supposed to stop raining in march and not rain again until november.

laid. dial. a lid. idle. permutation, to say it brazenly.

another string of infinitives.

if they approve my prospectus i am not sure what to do next. do i just start writing or do i do more research? how much research am i supposed to do? i am not sure i care if what i am about to say has been said before. this is how the humanities differ from the sciences. we repeat ourselves and love ourselves for it.

i thought about mopping the kitchen floor today. then i decided to go see a movie instead. the first bus did not stop for me. there were only about fifteen of us in the theater. i drank a huge pepsi because there was no coffee and why do men's rooms always smell like pee. is it that hard to hit the bowl. the ticket window was hidden on the wrong side of the entrance so i walked right past it and was called out for doing so.

about how i couldn't think of anything to say.

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