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the end

this friday is extra sweet as i am all but done with teaching for the semester. from now till the last class day on the 12th my students are either doing presentations or peer editing. the only thing i have left to teach are a few hints on writing and i will be drawing from various textbooks for those so i won't have to make it all up and worry about whether my reading of the text is comprehensible yet challenging.

the minus side to this is that the textbooks are often boring and simplistic so i do have to come up with ways to spice up the simplicity so it is of some value for the kind of writing we are asking them to do. i guess it is no surprise that freshman rhetoric textbooks seem to be written at the high school level, but most of my students already know that words such as "big" and "important" are too vague. they need to know why "phenomenology" needs to be explained.

usually on fridays i bring work to school with me thinking that when teaching is done i will hang around and read for a couple of hours. as you can see, i am not reading. i am not even still at school. for some reason as soon as class is over all i can think about is coming home and jacking myself up on caffeine in preparation for the cns depressants i will imbibe later. beer + coffee = poor man's speedball. woohoo! remember how i used to throw paint at the walls?

yesterday i went to the castro to stock up on manhood. first i went to my barber and got an extra-short do (see cam) and then i went to Walgreens for a new vial of testosterone. for some reason the Walgreens here on Mission St does not carry testosterone. i suppose it makes sense that all the testosterone in the city of San Francisco is found in the castro.

anyway afterwards i ate pizza in my sit and look pretty eating pizza place. today it rained and i had to wear a hat.

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