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the building it was gray. against the sky that afternoon it was bright and almost white against the green and brown sky. you could hear the air as you pushed through it nothing moved. no one anywhere could have done anything for us as we ran from house to car or was it from car to house. in the car at least i thought we could outrun whatever came along but probably i was wrong. everything on the ground waited and waited and we walled in by clouds and lightning and made specific and alone by the catastrophe impending and blindly staring us down saying it is your turn now you can feel it with barometric apprehension and that is the literal truth.

i could not look up but i could not do other than look up. tree branches and clouds intermingled and indistinct. the glow of the earth in the filtered and polarized dim as though the light from above so embattled the grass had to begin to shine.

i don't know why i remember it.

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