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]''2224.; (flippy says hi!) e cats have arranged themselves meditation-like around my desk. they are just off-camera but flippy is to the left of my monitor on the scanner and jackson is sitting on the (closed) laptop in front of me. i wish he wouldn't sit there as the keyboard is already leaving marks on the screen and i don't think a 12-pound weight on the lid is helping at all1.222222 (flippy says bye!). but i don't have the heart to shoo him off.

i want to go buy books today. this is insanity as i already have more than i know what to do with but i need a copy of my own of the library book i am reading so i can scribble in the margins with greater abandon. powells has several copies for sale but this makes me think that i might be able to find it in my own city were i to go looking.

at least books would be cheaper than the electronic toys i seem enamored of lately.

what else could i do that is like work but not too much like work?

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