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party plans ruined

what sucks about being sick over the weekend is that you can't do all the fun things you wanted to do not only because you don't want to go out and spread your virus around but because fun things are no longer any fun when you are sick.

i have a ticket to see the Throwing Muses tomorrow night. if i feel tomorrow like i do today i'm not going to go. anyone want to fly in and take my ticket?

friday night is beer and america's funniest videos night and although the videos might still be funny (when they manage actually to be funny which is not that often) the beer probably won't be half as enjoyable as it would be if i were well. i might try one and see how it goes.

so far the symptoms are: sore throat, cough, body aches, fever.

sounds like flu to me. i did look up the epidemiological criteria for SARS and i don't meet them.

i hate being sick. it makes me whiny and crabby. and housemate c is at her gf's for the weekend and although housemate s is helpful and friendly housemate c is better at empathy. so in that department i turn to you all.

feel sorry for me. i'm sick.

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