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rise and shine!

good grief. so i go to bed at 2am and wake up at 8 and am unable to go back to sleep. of course it is a day off so i am not up early to do work. i feel like calvin getting up at dawn on saturday to watch cartoons when he can hardly drag himself out of bed in time for the bus on schooldays.

but i was lying there thinking about the wonderful internet connection i have now and the g3 upgrade waiting for me in the other room and all the things i want to do to prepare my machine before installing it like getting rid of superfluous files and defragmenting the harddrive and backing it up and rebuilding the desktop file and generally getting things all spiffy and clean and in smoothly working order and how could i go back to sleep with such a fun day ahead of me?

c and i joke about how after we get our phds we are going to enroll at devry in some computer course so that we can actually get jobs only in my case i might not be joking. i really could dig mucking around with these things for a living but of course i am also thinking about studying to become a librarian and then there is the fantasy job of wildlife photographer and my aspiration to ride trains and write forever and it looks like i won't live long enough to be all the things i want to be. sooner or later i suppose i should make up my mind but what's the rush?

memo: buy lottery tickets.

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