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i have been sitting in this chair for twelve hours now. oh i did get up to fill my coffee cup or pee or eat but all in all i have been coming back to this chair and sitting in it for the lion's share of the past twelve hours.

while sitting here i have gone through the panoply of legal mental states from normal to caffeinated to beer inflected and soon i think i might hit somnolated. somnolated of course is not a word but somnolence would not have produced parallel phrasing which i am always after my students to do.

i have been doing things that are of no consequence to anyone anywhere and having a really great time of it and i wonder why we can't get paid to do this sort of stuff instead of useful commercializable stuff. we should get paid a set amount every time we accomplish something be it of obvious societal value or not. because really enjoyment is a thing of beauty and the accomplishment of useless tasks also a thing of beauty and we should be able to live from beauty instead of labor.

i wonder if the government would loan me money for the rest of my life.

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