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not really a movie review

I don't know how to talk about film so I'll just say the Matrix redux is draggy and boring during the first half and relatively interesting during the second. the special effects look perfunctory but that could just be my early 21st century jadedness. also it was fairly humorless except for a couple of Keanu-directed dumb jokes but since they did that last time it wasn't particularly funny this time.

I'm not sure it was worth the $11 but it wasn't a bad way to spend friday morning. we went to the matinee figuring it would not be too crowded and we were right. it is worth seeing but predictably would not be the same rented unless you had a huge tv so I'd say wait till the matinees are actually at matinee prices.

so anyway my weekend started early this week. I keep thinking it is saturday. I hope this doesn't mean that I will get two sundays. I'd rather get another saturday tomorrow.

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