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I didn't get to that part that is giving me fits. what gives me fits is his indecision regarding the event itself. events are all over this text but are either being derided as too teleologically historical or, somewhat contradictorily, being heralded as concrete "actual experience"; I think one problem might be the confusion between historically narrated event and what "actual experience" consists of, which is not the narration but its condition of possibility that cannot be narrated. I've said this before but the pragmatist concept of raw experience is a thing that cannot actually be "had" because it is outside the interpretive horizons of the "I" which would have the experience. "actual experience" is actually that which divests the "I" of the ability to appropriate and thus is inassimilable even as it is the effect of a certain traumatic articulation.

I keep saying the same thing over and over. that is part of the disease.

but what I don't see enough attention being paid to in this book is the distinction between historical or mythological or memorializing discourse and the concrete event. it does not matter if the Red Sea really parted; what matters is the shock that became narrated as the Red Sea parting, and what matters is that we acknowledge that the shock is not only not contained in the narration but is its occasion and the moment of exposure which makes narration possible at all moments.

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