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to do or not to do

professor number two has approved my prospectus. two to go. the other day I said hi to Judith in the hall and she looked at me somewhat apologetically but didn't say anything besides hi Erik so I don't know what she is up to. two weeks ago I was "at the top of her list." it's funny when roles are reversed: all winter I was avoiding her gaze because the prospectus wasn't written yet.

but so Michael pointed out that Levinas and Deleuze could pull me into a morass from which I might never emerge unless I do some work on later chapters first so that I know how to be selective in what I do with them. this might be true. unfortunately I have become a linear writer when it comes to academic stuff so I really want to start at the beginning and end at the end. I never used to write this way. It is either the testosterone or a compulsion leftover from studying for my exams.

today's question is of course whether to do work at all and if so whether to grade papers at all but you can probably guess that I will be putting off the paper grading for as long as possible. my TA won't be done with hers before Monday so I have some time. I will be crying to myself come Sunday.

I want to go shopping. I worked hard this semester. I deserve a present. bigger than a burrito.

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