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here I am at school. I came to pick up a late paper and to see if my powells orders had arrived. one has. the other is still in free shipping land somewhere between here and portland. if I had a car I could have driven there and back myself by now. I think the post office puts media mail in a warehouse where it sits for a week or two before being delivered.

but so I brought work with me and don't feel like actually opening any of the books but I'm here and the office is ugly and there is only so much online stalling I can do so I don't know. maybe I'll just go back home. am a little soured on school today but I must not lose sight of the distinction between school and my work. if they don't want to pay me to write I'll just write anyway and show them.

I guess it is a little tantrum-y of me to protest not receiving money while in school but I'm of the opinion that higher education should be funded to the point that we all get paid for learning. at the very least there needs to be enough money so that students can find teaching work and/or fellowships. what good does it do to create a class of indebted scholars?

i have to start grading papers tomorrow. life sucks.

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