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it's amazing how a little tiny bit of work wears me out and makes me think I deserve some great reward but it does and I do. eight hours total of paper-grading and I feel like a hero just for having done it. tomorrow I pull together the details and send off their grades and then it's off to the ballgame. this, I suppose, will be my reward but the one thing about it is that I'm going with my friend who is sober and although he did offer to watch me drink if the giants won the world series last year I still feel a little uncomfortable letting loose and slurping them down around him so probably I will have lemonade at the ball park and beer on thursday.

but this will at least save on trips to the restroom which is fine since I also hate disturbing people by getting up a million times during the game.

am I too polite?

so I gave the best grade I've ever given, an A/A+ (slash grades are how we make the incremental grading system more incremental). it was nice to see a well-written undergrad paper. of course, when they write well I think to myself what a talented student whereas when they don't write well I think to myself what a bad teacher. housemate c suggests that I adjust my internal commentary.

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