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writer blocked

still no poetry from this quarter. I've been doing other things and the thing is I have to have a certain temporal space around me before I can write. lately I've always been about to do something else and when I am about to do something else it is difficult to concentrate on writing.

right now I am about to go have a beer with u. when I get back maybe the alcohol will inspire me to lyric heights or depths or at least some lateral milling about. it sometimes does.

mostly I've been geeking out with my O'Reilly book. one or two have commented that if my plans for the week involve mainly geeking out then I will probably not leave the house very much and they seem to think this is a bad thing but I think that if I want to geek out for just a week I am allowed. I am going for walks still and I am about to go have this beer. one only needs to leave the house every other day or so.

I've been showering too.

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