Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

whiz #7

the men's room is deteriorating. not everywhere or at least as far as I know only in this particular spot although probably they are deteriorating elsewhere too but here there was a seat and then there was no seat but there was still a stall door but now there is no stall door either and all of this would not be so bad except that the door to the outside opens directly onto a view of the stall and there is no lock on the door to the outside so one crouches trying to hover above the seatless fixture while concentrating on what to do if the door opens for instance does my shirt cover me or do my pants not pulled all the way down cover me or should I move my arms across to cover me because this is always the question how best to cover in order not to evoke great surprise or consternation or urge to kill. and that vulnerable moment between sitting (crouching) and standing where one's only recourse is to turn quickly around and let their eyes reassure them in the absence of continuous corraborating evidence that they did not see what they did not see. that or meeting their eyes with a yes you saw it but that's life you sometimes see odd things and for pete's sake why not let it be.

that's life you sometimes see odd things for pete's sake.

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