Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

shower meme III - ticktockmary's questions

1. Do you still consider yourself gay now that you're a man?

I pretty much consider myself polymorphously perverse. at the moment I'm more interested in men but as a transsexual the proper definition of "man" is often unclear but if I'm masculinely identified and attracted to the masculinely identified I suppose this makes me in some way gay. which means I am coming out for the third time.

I often wonder what my parents will make of this new wrinkle. they haven't gotten over the last one yet. I suspect that I am so far gone in their eyes it doesn't make a whit of difference who I am attracted to now. in some ways it doesn't make that much difference to me either but I do watch my desires flow this way and that with interest.

2. Could you send some of that bounciness here?

all it takes is a freshly-brewed pot of sumatra mandheling.

3. Do you still have to go to the gynecologist?

I've never been to a gynecologist. as long as I still have the parts, and I still do, I should be going. but I don't go. I hope I don't regret this.

4. Why don't you fly in airplanes?

they scare the piss out of me. didn't used to--I've been flying since I was two, but the older I get the more the idea of dying in a plane crash horrifies me. it's not the dying I'm afraid of but the moments of sheer terror when surely you know you are going to die and that it is going to hurt. I know there are all kinds of other ways to die and that they also take time and so would be generative of their own terror and pain, but it seems one could always hold out the hope that one will live while, say, spinning out of control in a car. spinning out of control in a plane would afford you no such hope.

I spend so much energy keeping the plane in the air and helping the pilot find the runway and jumping at every air pocket that a short flight from here to Seattle exhausts me. the train is infinitely more restful.

5. Assuming you could have a home to house them in, how many and what types of animals would you have?

I would have 100 birds and ten cats. I might have a dog. I would have three horses. a collection of rodents. and in the wildlife shelter/rehab I'm sure this home would include, I would have bats and falcons and bobcats and snakes.

the trick to all this would be keeping the predators and prey apart.

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