Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

shower meme IV - auditorium's questions

1.) You seem to be very at home in the Western United States. What is it about the region that appeals to you. Where else might you like to live?

I like the way the land demands that you pay attention to it. in the deep south we sort of took the ground for granted and it unobtrusively supported us. here you have to watch out a little more but also you can't ignore the stark beauty when you are out in it.

I like that no matter where you are it is only a few hours' drive to be out in the wilderness. I like that I can do things like go on a hike and run into mountain goats or actually worry about meeting a cougar. I like the way coyotes wander around between the rental cabins in Yosemite although I suspect it is not necessarily the healthiest thing for them.

and politically I don't know that I could find a better match than the urban West Coast in particular. apparently this is where all the freaks in the US ended up. except possibly for those in New York.

I'm not sure where else I would want to live. I have to go to Europe and see what it's like over there. I need a big city not too far from the mountains or forest or desert. I don't know if they have any of those. my hunch is that Canada would suit me.

2.) If you were to make music with other people, what do you suspect it would sound like? Has the way you think about music changed over the years? Is there any music that's come out in the past 10 years that might influence your style?

I'm still a welter of musical contradictions. I have developed more of an affinity for strange underground pop like the Microphones and Neutral Milk Hotel, but I don't know if I could keep myself from banging loudly on things long enough to do something that restrained. I still want to make lots of noise but perhaps if I found people who liked to keep a soft-loud tension going we would do well together. I also am still a complete sucker for the edgy pop hook but am not sure I know how to write one.

I'm still fairly guitar-oriented but I do like deep thumping bass more than I used to. I have thought about doing a solo project with drum machine, distorted bass, and vocals. but I haven't come up with any good ways to play a lone distorted bass yet.

but I would say it would be the NMHotels of the world that would influence me to be even more quirky in melody and lyrics than before.

3.) Are there any areas of study that you would like to but haven't yet explored?

I've thought about doing so many things it is hard to keep track of what I haven't yet looked into. I'm still thinking about library science as a possible way to stave off finishing school. I do like cataloging and finding and presenting information but I don't know any of the theory behind doing so.

4.) If Lisa and I had been into it, which Neil Diamond song would we have covered?

Forever in Blue Jeans.


if we had done one then: Holly Holy
if we were to do one now: I am I said

5.) Given the current political climate in the US, would you ever seriously consider expatriation?

for now I want to stay here and voice my discontent but if things got unbearable then yeah I would. Canada would be my first choice and then Germany or France. and lately my fantasy is to go down to the tip of Chile and build a house in some remote valley of the Andes. I have no idea if they would want me there though.

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