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today housemate c and I spent 8 hours going to ikea and buying furniture and bringing it home and putting it together and surreptitiously putting our old ugly and broken furniture out by the garbage cans.

I bought bookshelves. I can see my desk. I am in awe. except that on top of the hundred books that used to be on my desk were a few months' worth of credit card and bank statements and warranty cards and product information and receipts and random pieces of paper so now instead of a huge pile of books I have a low pile of paper. I am too tired to tidy it up this evening. that will be tomorrow's project.

the one problem I have now is that I took apart the magazine rack and have two bags of magazines I want to keep and five bags to get rid of. should I just recycle them? or would there be a home for them somewhere? how would I find this home? I could sell them on ebay I guess but that would entail packaging them up and shipping them off if someone actually bought any of them, and for the five bucks I would make it seems like a lot of trouble.

I need to sell some clothes, too, and shoes, and maybe some cds. or maybe I should just give them away to anyone willing to come and get them. I would be happy if all the extra stuff I had just disappeared. if a hundred dollar bill appeared in its place that would merely be gravy.

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