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spring cleaning

I'm clearing off my desk today! I have been looking forward to this for months, never quite believing that I would actually get the bookshelves necessary for me to remove all those books. I'm thinking I might clean my whole room which might not seem ambitious given the diminutive demensions of my room but as it is almost entirely made of nooks and crannies the job is much more intricate than one might suspect. cleaning one thing without knocking off and breaking another is a challenge.

maybe I will put my guitar case back and maybe I will recycle all those software boxes I've inexplicably kept. why do I keep them? for that matter, why do software companies continue to package cd-only products in boxes made for stacks of floppies and thick thick manuals?

maybe I will even put the printer box out for recycling and find a place to put the stuff that is currently using the box as a table.

I need shelves and racks and magazine files.

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