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number nine

way behind in the poem count but on the other hand rock paper is coming along nicely.

this evening's installment:

humidity drove me to it. sweat incrementally from forehead to chin. damned to spin and in that one rocking chair we did battle. I don't remember what time it was because time was bigger then.

I forgot what I was going to say. looking simultaneously for a precedent and a way to describe the chair in the sun beside the dog chained up. an ache briefly noted for future use. you see we'll have to take another stab.

it is not that I don't know how to say it but that certain exigencies take their toll. extract on the one hand the critical moment of what happened to whom and why and on the other the bare minimal conditions for each. simply stated he yearned for the baroque.

the geese on the hood in the rain. a smidgen too near to brook any irony in the telling. should you climb out onto the roof. at once steady and fearful I looked up. a dip in the pool but there you are. unschooled we talked to ourselves of the rule of kings. any fool can claim as much.

was it all too easy. one would think but get caught there. dash one off if you must.

I trust most those things which rust and crumble at the selvaged crust. will that do.

my ears are too low.

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