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my books are alphabetized. I was going to count them to see how many I have but I kept losing count and gave up. judging by the total volume I'd say I must have close to 400. if I read one a day I could be through them all in less than a year and a half!

there was no dividing them by category. they are ordered by author, straight out. literature and philosophy and poetry and history keeping indecent company. although my comic strip books and music books and art history books were already segregated so they at least are disciplined. and it occurs to me that I neglected to figure them in my estimate so I'd say I have at least 550 books.

it is somewhat depressing to know that even though there are many I would like to read again I may never get back to them. especially if I keep obtaining more.

then of course there are the many I haven't read yet but worked so hard to acquire while I was studying for my exams. I think that part of my passing had to do with my efficiency at locating and purchasing books.

I have carried seven bags of garbage out of my room. it is somewhat surprising that seven bags of anything would fit in here but I did pick up approximately nine more cubic feet in which to move around so I guess that was the space the garbage was taking up.

now what.

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