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man that was a really difficult walk! i think perhaps the best time to exercise is not an hour after taking your last coffee. my legs cramped all up and by the time i got back my muscles were quivering jello. it didn't help that the fog had congealed to drizzle by the time i reached the top of the hill where a gale was blowing from the north through the gap between the twin peaks and right through my sweat dampened tshirt. i was the only one up there except i did see one tour bus drive through the viewpoint parking lot where there was of course no view today because of the fog and i imagined a large group of german tourists wondering why their tour included this up close look at whitish gray mist.

of course the hill in the fog has its own aesthetic but i doubt the german tourists appreciated it since they came for the view and not for the obscurity which is standing on a hill in thick fog.

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