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eleven and a half. twelve maybe.

I'm certainly not writing the two a day I wanted but I am thinking about writing more often than before. occasionally something comes out.

rock paper continued but it will have to wait till I redo that part of my website to get posted there:

my ears are too low. barn swallows on the bluffs and each stem against the sky met with that peculiar vibration of life on earth. travesty impinges upon order and wins. or would if it allowed for such which it does not.

tonnage. garrison. rectilinear.

take care but can it be taken anywhere. why the one time once and again that night has not yet ended but somehow we all got older. I no longer remember if it was a record and if so if I had to get up every ten minutes to flip it over. there is some reason to say this as though vinyl were due respect in the grand scheme of things. sew it together. roughly now. that one might cough and that one might take notice. I wonder who taught me to do this. if I tilt them up I can see.

that dog in particular. or a painting painstakingly rendered in brick and a car and its price in a balloon. you could simply say what you mean. grass grows in the cracks and that rates a small hurrah.

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