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thirteen or so

that particular trap. or a painting painstakingly rendered in brick and a car and its price in a balloon. why not say what you mean. grass grows in the cracks and that rates a small hurrah.

it will only be a scandal if you stare. no one recognizes me anymore but small blessings are thankfully small.

should we resume here. on the rare occasion that I can't hear you. pretty is as pretty does only they don't mention how to rate as plain. pin one on or tie one down. who knew that coffee after eight o'clock was a sin. in this life which risks its skin. caution to the wind or three sheets. to get there you have to steer. otherwise what will we eat. on a good tear the rate outstrips any attempt to keep pace but you will want to brace yourself for the screeching halt. what referent.

a pickup truck and a street light and a baggie and a sixpack. this was all we needed. that was when I learned if you ran fast enough lightning couldn't strike you. a legitimate move. queen for a day.

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