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crush #15

it was sweat. I recognized it because I had sweated before. there were arms and legs asking to be let through to be moved past and not knowing the etiquette I let them. the question of who is indulgent of whom is not clear when it is also not clear just where on the spectrum between rival and trick the requesting party might stand. I noticed that if I stared too long at for instance that one muscular waist they would stare back and I not being ready to commit looked away.

the arms and legs slipped past and kept slipping past as there was no end to the wanting to go here or there or back again and when the show was over they all rushed for the door hoping I suppose to let the sweat dry a little. then it was a matter of not getting carried away.

but before that before the release of have a good night set loose their joyful quest for air one by one a kind hand or a discreet knee would make its acquaintance and then press on leaving that mark to smolder in its wake a note of a wish so casual it vanished into the crowd with the moment which called it out.

once standing in a line I let her put her hand on my chest. I didn't know who she was and she was dirty and she was drunk but she was only looking to make friends so I let her until it was too much I stepped back. I will never forget her and she will never remember me. that said nothing can come between us or nothing can interpose itself at that one point when nothing came between us.

in the zoo they all sleep in a heap.

it is true that I am a rank novice.

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