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"cooler near the ocean" it says. I'm five miles from the ocean and it is hotter than fuck! according to my internet sources it is 95F just up the street a few blocks. good grief.

I just got out of a cool shower and have been sitting still for fifteen minutes and the sweat is pouring off me. somebody do something!

they've promised us a 20mph seabreeze this afternoon. they'd better be right.

in other news I am waiting to take housemate c and her girfriend h to the airport as they are going to Italy. c will be gone for six days. h is staying longer. I salute them for the courage to be on an airplane for dog knows how many hours.

my job while c is gone is to keep flippy alive and in the house. apparently the little moron was sunbathing this morning. at least he's stopped.

oh and in related news I get use of c's car while she is gone which is not all that interesting but her car has a/c. I might spend the next week in the car.

I tried to read yesterday but it was too hot to understand anything.

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