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my unconscious is an arcade

after the usual what-am-I-doing-at-church-I-was-going-to-tell-them-I-wanted-to-stay-home dreams (I don't even need Freud to figure those out!), my last dream this morning--or rather this afternoon--had me fiddling with a collection of about six antique pinball machines which, as I tinkered with them, became more and more intricate until the little figures inside of them started to come to life. at one point I was adjusting the default setting for a particular bumper/hole thing and messed up by moving a small representation of a snake too far to the right and it escaped and started eating the other figures! it was no big deal but was obviously a hazard put there to make you strategize more about adjusting things. sort of bringing the game into the maintenance of the game. I made a mental note not to move the snake the next time.

by the end I was playing one which featured a person who threw the balls down to you from the top of the machine, figures dancing around on the game floor, small cowboys shooting each other in the background, and six flippers of various lengths and shapes and flipping power to try to keep the twenty balls at once in play.

when I woke up I said dang. that was fun.

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