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lost weekend

it wasn't that I was so busy but that I didn't feel like talking.

here is what happened:

poked around the house all day then watched fireworks from dolores park with a bunch of san franciscans unsure how they felt being part of a patriotic celebration this year.

Alameda County Fair with b and a. hotter than hell. but it was a dry heat and there was a huge pavilion full of bunnies so all in all was worth the sweat. forgot my hat so had to rub sunscreen right into my scalp. the cool thing about being a boy is that with very short hair you can rub sunscreen right into your scalp. the bad thing about being a boy is your hair might thin to the point that you have to rub sunscreen into your scalp.

saw three pig races and the end of one horse race. saw many pigs and sheep on their way to becoming pork and mutton. pondered their fate and hoped they at least had nice lives while they were around.

having decided saturday night to put as much of my academic writing online as doesn't embarrass me unduly, went to library to find images to scan for the Picasso paper I wrote at the end of 97 when I was pretty much insane. having reread paper was pleasantly surprised to find that a) it was coherent and b) that I seem now to have made my way back to the things I was thinking about before the mental processes started shutting themselves down one by one. a couple of them are still missing but most of them have returned to service.

am trying vainly to get myself back to work. am recalling fondly my undergraduate days when I did not do work in the summer and did not feel guilty about not doing it. at this point it would almost make sense to wait until after I come back from Seattle to start since if I get up a good head of steam in the next two weeks it will all just dissipate while I am there.

in any case am going to xhtmlize my papers today and put off till later making the decision of whether or not to work.

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