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the rats are getting out of hand. for some time they've been skittering around behind the planters but in the last couple of weeks have begun swarming the whole courtyard at night. last night I could hear them running back and forth on the ledge which runs under our windows. c ran into two on her way out to the store.

the landlord says they'll pull the ivy down but I fear more may need to be done and even though wild urban rats squick me out a little I don't want to kill them really. if they'd just settle down we could go back to the quiet peaceful coexistence of the past few years.

as is it is a matter of time until one tries to crawl in through the mail slot or an unscreened window and then I dare not imagine the carnage that would ensue upon sheltered apartment cats meeting a fearless street rat.

c thinks I should call the landlord today to add my voice to the complaint list. I hate calling people. especially the landlord.

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