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our night out at the toronado was cut short when the night bartender kicked us out because there were small children in our party. the afternoon bartender was easy but this guy was ticked about having his license put in jeopardy by the young parents who insisted on bringing their kids. I kind of understand but was bummed to have to leave. everyone decided to go home. I guess it was all very deflating.

so here I am. the rats are strangely inactive tonight so far. I have on my party shirt. the cats wanted fresh food and were sitting and staring at me so I got them fresh food and they stopped staring and ate.

I'm all hyped up. I don't think I should be writing bass lines at this hour given this is an apartment but I want to. occasionally I really miss the warehouse although I also have nightmares where I am sleeping in it realizing it is not seismically sound. always I have planned an escape route through a window and am sure that somehow I can squirt myself outside before the building collapses.

see this is the sort of thing I don't know whether I should put in lyrics or a real poem or in the autobiography I seem incapable of writing. I suppose I could do all three.

my attention span suffered in the crash. I was going over a paper I wrote in 96 and all the paragraphs were really long. I never write long paragraphs anymore and am thinking my autobiography should consist of aphorisms.

naturally it is warmer in my neighborhood than anywhere else in the city.

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