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falling apart house

it's been a slow couple of days here in the tiny room in the small apartment in the little city. but this morning at 4am a shelving unit in the back room fell off the wall and woke us all up. fortunately no cats were visiting the facilities at the time or they would have been squished by cans of paint and spare phones and light bulbs. daylight inspection revealed that the shelves, basically a largish homemade plywood box, had been held up by four nails.

as c said, the mystery isn't why they fell but why they didn't fall.

to do: nail box back together and attach to wall with several hundred goodly-length wood screws.

first though I have to figure out why my audio-recording software is acting up. and then to flesh out the bass line that is becoming interesting at the rate of one measure per day. it would probably go quicker if I actually knew anything about music but as is my choices after the first note are pretty much unlimited which makes it all the more difficult.

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