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geek rant

so I'm thinking the problem with Deck (that would be the recording software) is that it hasn't really been successfully carbonized (that would be made compatible with OS X). it only occured to me in the last half hour to try running it under 9.2 on the laptop (this requires rebooting which is a pain) and what do you know but all the problems disappear. every single one.

now I don't know if this is Apple's fault for doing weird things to their OS or if it is BIAS' fault for claiming their software is fully operational under OS X when it really isn't or if it is the fault of the free market for not buying more macs and making it profitable for companies actually to put some work into OS X products but I'm annoyed. I did buy Deck with an academic discount but it still wasn't cheap and one of the reasons I went for it over Cubase is that the single version would run under either OS making it easy to switch from desktop to laptop and back again.

if I have to boot into 9.2 everytime I want to use it on my laptop I will be very annoyed.

I wonder if tech support will ever get back to me.

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