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i am drawing lines. well i don't know if drawing is the right word but i am pulling my finger across my touchpad and black marks are appearing on the screen. i've wanted to do this for awhile and i like the way this one is turning out but i am unsure if this is the way i was supposed to do it or if there is something incongruous about translating a basic pencil and paper technique to the glowing screen. i am not making marks but turning pixels on and off which i guess is appropriate for the digital realm but i am not sure how this is related to the fundamental mark-making gesture.

it is amenable to repetition however this pixel tweaking i am doing in fact one reason i have stopped to type this is my finger is getting cramped from carefully following the somewhat random paths that i am tracing out from one line to the next.

i thought this would get rid of that peculiar sunday night despair but it has not quite. in fact it seems to have caused me a certain worry and it has something to do with whether these lines are in the right place and this is the right way to do them or if i should be working with a large roll of paper instead.

and besides which it is sunday night and i don't think i need to explain further.

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