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a little ditty

I've been slaving over a hot mixing board all day.

that isn't really true. I've been hunched over my computers trying to make sense of Deck's opaque manual in order to do simple things like install a compressor plug-in.

I still have no idea how to cut and paste a volume envelope. the instructions say hit Option-Command-Arrow Up to copy a selection to one track above. I hit Option-Command-Arrow Up and the selection moves one pixel up.

other minor annoyances include no way to get rid of markers (instructions say Option-Click deletes them. "Option-Click." nothing happens.) and bizarrely reversed right and left channels in the final mp3. that last could have happened in many places but given Deck's excellence at annoying me I suspect it happened early on. it doesn't matter that much. I am not that invested in whether my guitarist stands on the right or left but the little things add up to a somewhat cranky audio engineer.

but I have something I like.

Turpentine (mp3, 2.3MB) may be one of the shorter and happier things I've done. it might also be bass-heavy; ever since I became a boy I can't restrain myself from cranking the bass.

if the bass will do, and I think it will, I will have to sing next. I don't even know if I can sing. and I will have to buy a microphone. and I will have to get over the embarrassment of singing where the neighbors can hear you.

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