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I have a microphone. I thought surely lisagail and I had each taken one but in all my past rummagings through the cords and effects boxes box I only remembered seeing a microphone cord. I could have sworn there was no microphone attached to it but in checking one final time before heading off for GuitarCenter I found that the cord was indeed hanging from the end of a microphone.

now it's been a good ten years since I used that microphone and for all I know it is a little cylinder of corrosion inside but it was and is still free so I will try it out before buying one.

this did not keep me from going to GuitarCenter though as they are having a sale and I figured what the hell I still have a little purchasing power in the way of credit cards but fortunately there was nothing I had to have except of course for the $1200 Les Paul (and all black!) but I restrained myself and came home empty handed. even I have that much self-discipline.

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