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looking for something to well up within me so i can write about it. it is not as though i've done nothing productive all day and thus must make up for that deficiency by producing something here. i actually got through twenty pages of Levinas and felt that i understood a good nineteen of them. one would think i would have something to say about what i read but i am still digesting it in a sort of unconscious way.

i want the Other to be multiple.

make of that what you will.

i'm not reading quickly enough. twenty pages a day is not enough but i don't have the attention span to read for six hours at a sitting hoping to make it to eighty pages. it is hard enough just getting myself into the living room with my books and pen and pencil and paper and post it notes by noon ready to take on whatever might emanate from the pages i hold closed in my hand. and it's always dangerous this undertaking because one never knows what might be said and how well one might be able to stand up to that which is disagreeable and how one might be able to withstand the dis-integration of being caught up in the agreeable.

all i wish for is to be able to stand up and disintegrate.

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