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I was going to take a shower today and then I didn't. once the clothes are on they don't come back off till bedtime and the clothes went on early today to go get cat food. I left the clothes on and put a little extra coconut oil in my hair to make it look and smell as though I meant for it to do that and went to school.

I had to sign a form. it was pink. it looked like it was an nth-generation xerox of a form that probably was also pink otherwise why would they duplicate it in pink. the purpose of the form is unimportant except insofar as signing it should cause me to draw a salary until january so really the form is very important.

I took my computer with me but never plugged it in but figured as long as it was with me no one could steal it so I have no regrets. I found an unmarked copy of the book parts of which I will ask my students to read and checked it out. now I have to remember to take it back or I could just renew it over and over like I have the other books that I have kept well nigh unto a year now. as long as no one else wants it you can renew it and this is how the UCBerkeley library lists everything but contains nothing.

some of these books I have since bought personal copies of but taking the library copies back is just too much trouble. I am a bad patron.

I stopped at my usual place for coffee. for a long time I never gave them a tip for the simple act of pouring coffee especially since I suspect it is the owners of the store working the counter but then I thought oh what's 75 cents (for the coffee is $1.25) and now I leave it for them. must keep money in circulation or it does no one any good. I often wonder whether they remember that I never used to tip them and whether they wonder what made me change my ways. I'm not sure myself.

I regularly wear the same shirt for several days in a row as long as it does not smell. I don't see any problem in doing this.

I will shower tomorrow. which makes little sense as shortly thereafter I will go for a five-mile walk but I won't leave the house tomorrow unclean so I will be layered in cleanliness and sweat for the next day or two. I do not shower every day. it seems a waste of water besides which I still don't like to stand around naked so the less I have to do it the happier I am.

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