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free money

got email this morning notifying me of a pending large sum of money to appear in my savings account.

yeah it's student loan money and one day perhaps before I am dead but perhaps not I will have to pay it back but for now it feels like a gift. and it is extra exciting because I finally got around to filling out a form for electronic funds transfer so I no longer have to wait for the check to arrive in the mail.

mostly this means I can start paying my therapist again. approximately two-thirds of this summer's visits have been granted on credit so now I owe her a ton of money. I'm thinking of cutting down to every other week as I no longer seem quite as nuts and although it is nice to shoot the breeze with someone on a weekly basis I am not sure it is worth the expense anymore.

I also have to give the credit cards some dough. I mean I don't have to but it would be stupid not to pay what I can now.

so really I'm not that all that rich. just happy to stop being poor for a little while.

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