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another blow to immortality

just found out this afternoon that Jim, the director of the program I got my undergrad degree in, has inoperable pancreatic cancer. this guy is not much, if any at all, older than I and we had a very friendly relationship while I was there. I've been out of touch the past couple of years but still the news hits too close to home.

I'm thinking of flying up to Seattle to see him in the next month or two if he is up for visitors. at the moment the prognosis lies in the extremely uncertain range of six months to several years, depending, I think, on how the tumors respond to chemo.

this really bums me out. I mean surely it is bumming him out too but that doesn't mean I can't be really bummed out.

I hope for the several years but fear for the six months. I'm too young to feel like a veteran survivor but it is starting to feel just that way.

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